Yilong Yang

Ph.D in Software Engineering

Research Interests


2013.09 - 2019.08 University of Macau, PhD in Software Engineering.

2010.09 - 2013.06 Guizhou University, MSc in Computer Science.

2006.09 - 2010.06 China University of Mining and Technology, BS in Computer Science.


2012 - 2013 United Nations University - International Institute for Software Technology (UNU-IIST), Fellow, Macau.

2008 - 2010 Xuzhou Surpass Lab and Guizhou WolkTech Inc. Lecturer for RedHat and Cisco Certification (RHCE, CCNA, and CCNP)

Software Engineering Tools

RM2PT - A Tool for Automated Prototype Generation from Lightweight Formal Requirements Model


Software Engineering

Yilong Yang, Nafees Qamar, Peng Liu, Katarina Grolinger, Weiru Wang, Zhi Li, Zhifang Liao. “ServeNet: A Deep Neural Network for Web Services Classification. to be presented at IEEE 12th International Conferences on Web Services (ICWS’20), Beijing, China, Oct.2020. (Regular Paper).

Yilong Yang, Xiaoshan Li, Zhi Li. “Rapid Prototyping for Requirements Validation: A Best-Practice with RM2PT”. to be presented at the 28th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE’20). Zurich, Switzerland, August 2020. (RE’20 Tutorial)

Yilong Yang, Xiaoshan Li, Wei Ke, Zhiming Liu. “Automated Prototype Generation from Formal Requirements Model”. IEEE Transactions on Reliability. 69(2), pp. 632-656, June 2020 (JCR - Q1)

Yilong Yang, Xiaoshan Li, Zhiming Liu, Wei Ke. “RM2PT: A Tool for Automated Prototype Generation from Requirements Model”. presented at the 41th International Conferences on Software Engineering (ICSE’19), Montreal, QC, Canada, May 2019. (Demonstration Track)

Yilong Yang, Wei Ke and Xiaoshan Li. “RM2PT: Requirements Validation through Automatic Prototyping”. presented at the 27th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE’19). Jeju Island, South Korea, September 2019. (Demonstration Track)

Yilong Yang, Wei Ke, Weiru Wang, Yongxin Zhao “Deep Learning for Web Services Classification”. presented at IEEE 11th International Conferences on Web Services (ICWS’19), Milan, Italy, July 2019. (Work-in-progress Paper).

Yilong Yang, Wei Ke, Jing Yang, Xiaoshan Li. “Integrating UML With Service Refinement for Requirements Modeling and Analysis”. IEEE Access, 7, pp. 11599-11612 (2019). (JCR - Q1)

Yilong Yang, “SSC-ASP: An Integrated Framework for Semantic Service Composition Using Answer Set Programming”. Innovative Solutions and Applications of Web Services Technology. ISBN: 9781522572688. (Book-Chapter)

Yilong Yang, Quan Zu, Xiaoshan Li. “Real-Time System Modeling and Verification Through Labeled Transition System Analyzer”. IEEE Access, 7, pp. 26314-26323 (2019). (JCR - Q1)

Yongxin Zhao, Xi Wu, Jing Liu, Yilong Yang. “Formal Modeling and Security Analysis for OpenFlow-Based Networks. 2018 23rd International Conference on Engineering of Complex Computer Systems (ICECCS’18), Melbourne, VIC, 2018, pp. 201-204.

Yilong Yang, Jing Yang, Xiaoshan Li, Weiru Wang. “An Integrated Framework for Semantic Service Composition using Answer Set Programming”. International Journal of Web Services Research. 11(4), pp. 47-61 (2014) (JCR - Q4).

Yilong Yang, Jing Yang. “Design and Implementation of a Multi-Area Distributed Crawler Based on Skipnet-YL Network,” 2011 Third Pacific-Asia Conference on Circuits, Communications and System (PACCS’11), Wuhan, 2011, pp. 1-4.

Software Engineering in Health Informatics

Yilong Yang, Xiaoshan Li, Nafees Qamar, Peng Liu, Wei Ke, Bingqing Shen, Zhiming Liu. “MedShare: A Novel Hybrid Cloud for Medical Resource Sharing among Autonomous Healthcare Providers”. IEEE Access, 6, pp. 46949-46961 (2018). (JCR - Q1).

Yilong Yang, Zu Quan, Peng Liu, Defang Ouyang, Xiaoshan Li. MicroShare: Privacy-Preserved Medical Resource Sharing through MicroService Architecture. International Journal of Biological Sciences, 14(8), pp. 907-919 (2018). (JCR - Q1)

Bingqing Shen, Jingzhi Guo, and Yilong Yang. “MedChain: Efficient Healthcare Data Sharing via Blockchain”. Applied Sciences, 9(6), p.1207 (2019). (JCR - Q3)

Nafees Qamar, Yilong Yang, Andras Nadas, Zhiming Liu. Querying Medical Datasets While Preserving Privacy. Procedia Computer Science, 98, pp.324-331 (2016).

Nafees Qamar, Yilong Yang, András Nádas, Zhiming Liu, Janos Sztipanovits. A Tool for Analyzing Clinical Datasets as Blackbox. In Software Engineering in Health Care (SEHC’14), pp. 222-238. Springer, Cham, 2014.

Software Engineering in Machine Learning

Yilong Yang, Zhuyifan Ye, Yan Su, Qianqian Zhao, Xiaoshan Li, Defang Ouyang. Deep Learning for in-vitro Prediction of Pharmaceutical Formulations. Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica B, 9(1), pp. 177-185 (2019) (JCR - Q1)

Run Han, Hui Xiong, Zhuyifan Ye, Yilong Yang, and Defang Ouyang. Predicting physical stability of solid dispersions by machine learning techniques. Journal of Controlled Release, 311-312, pp.16-25 (2019). (JCR - Q1)

Zhuyifan Ye, Yilong Yang, Defang Ouyang. An Integrated Transfer Learning and Multitask Learning Approach for Pharmacokinetic Parameter Prediction. Molecular pharmaceutics, 16(2), pp.533-541 (2018). (Co-First Author and JCR - Q1)

Run Han, Yilong Yang, Xiaoshan Li, and Defang Ouyang. Predicting oral disintegrating tablet formulations by neural network techniques. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 13(4), pp.336-342 (2018). (Co-First Author and JCR - Q1)

Weiru Wang, Chi-Man Vong, Yilong Yang, and Pak-Kin Wong. Encrypted image classification based on multilayer extreme learning machine. Multidimensional Systems and Signal Processing, 28(3), pp.851-865 (2017). (JCR - Q2)

Research Projects

2016 - 2019 Model-Driven Software Development from Requirement Description to Code Generation. Macau Science and Technology Development Fund. FDCT 103/2015/A3. (Main Contributor)

2016 - 2019 Applying RUP Iterative Development for Formal Requirements Analysis and Validation. National Natural Science Foundation of China. NSFC 61562011. (Main Contributor)

2012 - 2015 Secure Architecture for Electronic Health Records (SAFEHR). Macau Science and Technology Development Fund. FDCT 018/2011/A1. (Main Contributor)

2012 - 2013 Dependable and Intelligent Service-oriented Architecture for Hybrid Cloud. Innovation Fund of Guizhou University. No. ligong2012036. (PI)

2011 - 2012 Distributed Architecture of Crawler based on P2P network. Natural Science Foundation of GuiYang. No. zhukehetong2011201da-4-2. (PI)

Research Services

PC members: IJCAI’20, ECAI’20, and NASAC’19 (Blockchain Track)

Session Chair: APSCC’14

Reviewer for conferences: TASE’20’19, ISSRE’19, SEH’19, ICTAC’17, ICFEM’16, KSE’15, and TASE’14

Reviewer for journals: Frontier of Computer Science, Sensors, Wireless Networks, Computer Networks, Applied Clinical Informatics, Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems, Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics.

Engineering Projects

Multi-year Projects

2016 - 2018 Pharmaceutical Formulation Prediction based on Deep Learning.

2014 - 2015 Traditional Chinese Prescription Process, Analysis and Prediction.

2012 - 2013 Test Case Generation from Formal Specification. (PM)

2010 - 2011 Mobile-based Data Security Partner. (PM)

2008 - 2009 Security Data Storage Partner.

One-year Projects

2013 UNU-IIST System and Network Immigration.

2009 Enterprise Network Design and Implementation based on Screened Subnet Architecture. (PM)

2009 Online Examination System. (PM)

2009 Full Text Search Engine. (PM)

2008 Traffic Light System. (PM)

2007 Loading Balance of CUMT Campus Network.

2007 PPPoE Client of CUMT Campus Network.

Open Source Projects

My personal GitHub account hosts my open source projects as well as listing contributions to open source tools. It mainly contains:

1 - RM2PT Case Studies: RM2PT-CaseStudies

2 - MicroShare: Privacy-Preserved Medical Resource Sharing through MicroService Architecture: MedShare-MicroService

3 - MedShare: A Novel Hybrid Cloud for Medical Resource Sharing among Autonomous Healthcare Providers: MedShare

4 - Deep Learning for Web Service Classification: ServeNet

5 - Deep Learning for Pharmaceutical Formulation Prediction: DeepPharm

6 - Data Splitting for Small Data: MD-FIS

Technical Certifications



2016 - 2019 Research Assistantship

2013 - 2016 Postgraduate Scholarship (PhD tuition fee exempt + living costs)

2010 - 2013 National Postgraduate Scholarship of China (Master)

2010 - 2013 Postgraduate Scholarship (Master tuition fee exempt + living costs)


To be Announced.

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